Find Your Spot Designing Mobile Cyber Security Apps

A mobile cyber security app business might just be the opening that you’re looking for as a trained IT professional. There are many different opportunities out there in the IT field these days, and the ever growing sea of mobile devices has brought a whole new wave of them, not the least of which is providing security for your information while you’re on the go.Mobile technology is everywhere these days… from cars and planes to major appliances to your home security system… almost everything runs on computers. And where there are computers there is the risk of the information stored inside them being accessed by hackers. We’d like to think that our information is safe, but you can’t ever be too careful.And all it takes is one such attack to bring your whole computer system to its knees. With so many people carrying mobile devices these days that need for security is only heightened. Not only do businesses need to be extra vigilant, so too do individuals with smart phones and tablets. Anything computerized can be hacked and any such compromise can be costly. This is where the need for an experienced IT professional with a mobile cyber security app business comes in.Because let’s face it… we may all be carrying this technology but that doesn’t mean we all know how to use it. IT professionals who have the particular training to understand how computer systems work and how to guard against potential cyber threats are essential. Create your own business that offers mobile apps focused on cyber security and you’ll likely find potential customers flocking to your door.In this field, one thing you won’t have to worry about is becoming obsolete. Because the scary truth is that for every mobile technology that exists, there are almost as many different kinds of cyber threats. The hackers are always out there, planning their next mode of attack and so there will always be a need for handy mobile apps that can provide all the cyber security you need at the touch of a finger.When you consider the possibilities, it becomes more and more apparent why cyber security is so important. For businesses, both large and small, that need is even more critical. They need computer systems to keep them in contact with customers. Without this technology, they can’t hope to compete. So they will be that much more eager to keep one step ahead of cyber threats and that much more willing to hire someone with the expertise to ensure they can do it.While creating and starting a mobile cyber security app business may seem like a complicated endeavor, as a trained IT professional, you should have all the knowledge you need to pull this off. And you can put that knowledge to good use by offering your potential customers suggestions about how best to protect their information, analyzing their existing system and targeting any potential flaws and working out a specific plan of attack to defend against cyber attacks.Don’t assume that your options for success in the world of IT are limited. Consider the world of cyber security, especially in the mobile sector, and you could find just the money-making opportunity you’ve been looking for. Your customers are out there waiting for you, you just need to find the right way to approach them and market yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be the next big name in cyber security!

How to Preserve At-Will Employment

California has at-will employment, meaning that either the employer or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause, reasons, or notice.But the at-will presumption can be negated by express or implied agreements to the contrary. In addition, an employer may not dismiss an employee for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons. As a result of these exceptions, employers often find themselves subject to claims by terminated employees.An employer can adopt various strategies to maintain at-will treatment and protect itself against wrongful termination lawsuits. Following are some key do’s and don’ts:DO Include Repeated At-Will StatementsJob applications, offer letters, employee manuals, performance evaluations, and other employment-related materials all should clearly and prominently state the at-will policy. The policy should be restated next to any provisions that might be interpreted as conflicting with an at-will arrangement. For example, any list of reasons in an employee manual as to why an employee may be discharged should be accompanied by a disclaimer that the list is not exclusive and that the employment always remains at-will. It is hard to repeat the at-will policy too many times.DON’T Give Assurances of Job SecurityAn employer should train its managers to not unwittingly make verbal statements to employees that might be interpreted as contradicting at-will employment, such as:”If you continue to do fine work like this, you can look forward to a long and successful association with the Company,” or”As long as you do a good job, you will always have a home here.”DON’T Have Probationary Periods or Permanent EmployeesUse of a “probationary” period for new employees arguably creates an inference that an employee can only be terminated for good cause once he or she has satisfactorily completed the period. An initial phase of employment instead should be referred to as an “introductory,” “orientation,” or “training” period. In addition, employees who complete the introductory period should be referred to as “regular” rather than “permanent” employees.”DON’T Have a Progressive Discipline ProgramA progressive discipline policy arguably creates an implied contract between the employer and the employee, requiring the employer to follow all the steps in the policy before discharging an employee. The practical result is that the employee can no longer be summarily terminated, as would otherwise be permissible with at-will employment.DO Be Mindful of Anti-Discrimination LawsAn employer should take special care before discharging someone who is a member of a protected class (e.g., based on race, age, ethnicity, or disability), or whose termination might be viewed as in retaliation for a protected act (e.g., whistle-blowing). In such cases, an employer must be prepared to establish good cause for the termination, notwithstanding the general presumption of at-will status.ConclusionThere are many traps for the unwary in attempting to maintain an at-will employment policy. Accordingly, an employer should have a competent professional periodically review its employment documents and practices. And because of the risk of wrongful termination claims, an employer should consult with legal counsel before discharging employees.

ADHD Parenting – 7 Steps to Successfully Raising a Child With ADHD

Raising a child with ADHD does not need to be any more difficult than raising any other child. Parents all over the US, Canada, and the world face the same unique challenges, frustrations, and struggles with their children. Even those children who do not have ADHD face their own unique struggles.The key to successfully raising a child with ADHD is simply taking a different approach. For some reason, most people will have you believe that you should change your child and make them like everyone else.But that’s a clear way to continued frustration for you, your family, and your child with ADHD. Instead, you want to work with your child’s individual talents and skills to help them succeed. The following 7 steps will give you a guide on how to best support your child:Step 1: Make A Commitment To EducationParenting a child with ADHD is different. There’s no argument there. The best thing you can do is learn as much about ADHD as you possibly can. But not just from anyone. You need to carefully choose who you listen to and take advice from.The quality and accuracy of the information you have access will help determine the level of success you and your child can expect.Step 2: Be PreparedYou’ve got to think like the Boy Scouts motto: “Always be prepared.” No matter what your child struggles with or excels at, he or she will face challenges. Expect it to happen, and be prepared by knowing how to respond to the situation and not react to it.Step 3: Be ProactiveThe difference to responding to a situation versus reacting to a situation is in how proactive and prepared you are. When you know challenges are ahead, being proactive means you are in front of the situation and not chasing it after it happens.Step 4: Surround Yourself With Like-Minded PeopleIf you surround yourself with people who believe ADHD is a deficit, then you will take on that persona. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with positive people who will support you, and help you, then you will develop a more positive outlook towards what your child is capable of doing.Step 5: Block Out The BadWhen you choose to surround yourself with the right people…supportive people…you also need to tune out the negative people in your life. Most people don’t understand ADHD, and the majority of people don’t understand children with ADHD. It’s your job to select who you surround yourself with, and part of being successful is building a team without people who bring you or your child down.Step 6: Get InvolvedBeing proactive is part of this, but you also want your child involved in the community and other activities where they accepted and embraced for who they are. Your child needs to experience little victories and success in as many ways as possible. Being involved in activities will increase the chance of this happening. But not just any activity will do.Step 7: Get Others InvolvedThis is a little bit of peer education and a little bit of building the right supports for you, your family, and your child with ADHD. As the parent of a child with ADHD, you have to let others know about your child’s individual challenges. But even more so, you need to let them know about his or her unique strengths and talents. You cannot and should not rely on what other people know, or think they know, about ADHD.Parenting a child with ADHD can be a challenge. But you do have a choice on how you see your child, how you encourage him, and how others see your child.

Google Me – How to Make Money With Google

Google Me – Are You A Guru Or A Nobody?The internet makes things too easy for people. I hate it. I remember the “good ol’ days” when you had to go out and bust your butt working a job to make money. Now people can just set up a website, get it to the top of Google, and their set for life. This is especially useful for Google local mobile.Google local mobile is a program I picked up from Ryan Deiss in January. This knowledge alone is worth $500 a month to every small restaurant that’s not getting clients from Google. But that’s a whole different story…Why would anyone want to work a job when they could start making money that automates itself? You may have had someone approach you in your local city and ask you to join a business. You may have heard the business plan, been asked a fair price to join, and have joined or declined. If you’re reading this right now more than likely you have. You were lead to this page for some significant reason, by chance or by fate.I didn’t make a dime for the first year I was in the “home based business industry”. I joined an MLM that insisted I buy $600 of product a month so I could attend house meetings with the company’s top earners and stay after hours with the “gurus”. Even though I didn’t make a dime, I’m glad I joined. Pushing through those hard times has made me a more powerful and driven leader.Not only that, but it lead to me finding the internet. Since I discovered how to do real marketing I have been making real money. This brings me back to zoning in on Google. The very fact that I bought my first audio course on online marketing after a Google search says something. The industry leader who sold me the course made money from me and set me on a path towards financial freedom with the information in that course. How powerful then, is it, to have your website at the very top of Google?It’s as important as the amount of money you want to make.Simple examples of making money on Google:1.) An insane domain name with a ton of attentioncharliesheenondrugs com – It sounds crazy right! As a matter of fact you can check out the highest bid for this domain at (last I checked it was around 8,000 dollars). The fact that people are searching for this means that there is money to be made. If the website has traffic and attention it’ll rank on the first page of Google in lightning fast speed. A killing can be made off the advertisements on these pages. You can offer exclusive advertisements from banner ads. Or you can go with basic text ads from Google Ad Sense.Either way remember good traffic with good content = more profit.2.) Promote an affiliate offerTake your sales page affiliate URL and mask it with the domain of your website. Or create your own page with a link below a short video or article. Either way you can customize your affiliate link and make it stand out from competitors. If you make a custom sales page, you can even make it rank higher than the company that’s selling the product!3.) Promote your brand. Sponsor people in your network marketing companyThere comes a day when you’re tired of sitting on the computer. There are days you don’t want to work. For this purpose you may have just been stupid enough to join one of those “pyramid schemes”. You may have been just like me and not sponsored a single person until you took your business online. You’re a person of integrity who sees the light. You don’t want to work until your dead. You’d rather give it your all and develop the skills to have an abundant life.Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice.Whether you are having success in your business right now or not, there’s money out there for the taking. All you have to do is get your website to Rank on the first page of Google and you win. Once you make your first 100 dollars online you can make your first million. It doesn’t matter if your sellin “guru juice”, an e-book on how to change diapers, or digital advertising space on your blog about Charlie Sheen’s latest crack binge. Go hard, be yourself, and don’t settle for less. Use the #1 online marketing system to help promote your brand and learn the skills it takes to make money in this industry.