Google Me – How to Make Money With Google

Google Me – Are You A Guru Or A Nobody?The internet makes things too easy for people. I hate it. I remember the “good ol’ days” when you had to go out and bust your butt working a job to make money. Now people can just set up a website, get it to the top of Google, and their set for life. This is especially useful for Google local mobile.Google local mobile is a program I picked up from Ryan Deiss in January. This knowledge alone is worth $500 a month to every small restaurant that’s not getting clients from Google. But that’s a whole different story…Why would anyone want to work a job when they could start making money that automates itself? You may have had someone approach you in your local city and ask you to join a business. You may have heard the business plan, been asked a fair price to join, and have joined or declined. If you’re reading this right now more than likely you have. You were lead to this page for some significant reason, by chance or by fate.I didn’t make a dime for the first year I was in the “home based business industry”. I joined an MLM that insisted I buy $600 of product a month so I could attend house meetings with the company’s top earners and stay after hours with the “gurus”. Even though I didn’t make a dime, I’m glad I joined. Pushing through those hard times has made me a more powerful and driven leader.Not only that, but it lead to me finding the internet. Since I discovered how to do real marketing I have been making real money. This brings me back to zoning in on Google. The very fact that I bought my first audio course on online marketing after a Google search says something. The industry leader who sold me the course made money from me and set me on a path towards financial freedom with the information in that course. How powerful then, is it, to have your website at the very top of Google?It’s as important as the amount of money you want to make.Simple examples of making money on Google:1.) An insane domain name with a ton of attentioncharliesheenondrugs com – It sounds crazy right! As a matter of fact you can check out the highest bid for this domain at (last I checked it was around 8,000 dollars). The fact that people are searching for this means that there is money to be made. If the website has traffic and attention it’ll rank on the first page of Google in lightning fast speed. A killing can be made off the advertisements on these pages. You can offer exclusive advertisements from banner ads. Or you can go with basic text ads from Google Ad Sense.Either way remember good traffic with good content = more profit.2.) Promote an affiliate offerTake your sales page affiliate URL and mask it with the domain of your website. Or create your own page with a link below a short video or article. Either way you can customize your affiliate link and make it stand out from competitors. If you make a custom sales page, you can even make it rank higher than the company that’s selling the product!3.) Promote your brand. Sponsor people in your network marketing companyThere comes a day when you’re tired of sitting on the computer. There are days you don’t want to work. For this purpose you may have just been stupid enough to join one of those “pyramid schemes”. You may have been just like me and not sponsored a single person until you took your business online. You’re a person of integrity who sees the light. You don’t want to work until your dead. You’d rather give it your all and develop the skills to have an abundant life.Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice.Whether you are having success in your business right now or not, there’s money out there for the taking. All you have to do is get your website to Rank on the first page of Google and you win. Once you make your first 100 dollars online you can make your first million. It doesn’t matter if your sellin “guru juice”, an e-book on how to change diapers, or digital advertising space on your blog about Charlie Sheen’s latest crack binge. Go hard, be yourself, and don’t settle for less. Use the #1 online marketing system to help promote your brand and learn the skills it takes to make money in this industry.

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